Minimum pension payments return to normal (no more 50% reduction)

Retirees with account-based pensions are required to take the standard minimum pension amount each year from their account.

Retirees with account-based pensions are required to take the standard minimum pension amount each year from their account. This is called the minimum pension payment and for existing income streams, it is a percentage of your account balance on 1 July.

The Government halved this minimum payment requirement for 2019/2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was introduced to allow pension members to withdraw less of their retirement savings, to assist pension account balances to recover from capital losses during volatile markets. This was a temporary reduction that applied over the last few years and extended to 30 June 2023.

However, for 2023/24, the minimum drawdown amounts returned to normal levels as shown in the following table.

Age of beneficiaryPercentage factor
Under 654%
95 or more14%


Income stream providers may contact you if you hold existing account-based pensions to confirm the level of pension payments for the new financial year.

SMSF trustees should also closely review the requirements to ensure that the minimum pension amount will be paid in the financial year.

It’s important to seek advice for assistance in managing your cashflow.



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